Sewage and Wastewater Pumps

PN Series PN Series

The main components of the PN Pump are made of 304 stainless-steel and composite resin materials, making this an ultra-lightweight pump. Suitable for effluent applications where large solids are not likely to exist. Automatic and auto-alternating versions are available in all sizes.

PU Series PU Series

The PU is a multi-purpose pump with a semi-vortex impeller. Use of advanced materials achieves a light and solid construction. Automatic and auto-alternating versions are also available for all sizes.

PSF Series PSF Series

The PSF pump features the highest head in this class. 304 Stainless-steel and composite resin materials are used in all wetted parts.

BZ Series BZ Series

Incorporates a channel impeller developed exclusively for sewage pumps, ensuring the efficient transfer of suspended solids.

UZ Series UZ Series

Features a vortex impeller and wide pump casing interior, effectively pumping and discharging water containing solids and fibrous foreign matters.

MG Series MG Series

Foreign matter is finely ground up by the built-in grinder mechanism and discharged by a vortex impeller.

Tsurumi submersible grinder pumps utilize a grinding mechanism in the suction port to crush foreign matter into fine particles before discharging the waste.

C Series C Series

A serrated suction cover is used in combination with a tungsten carbide tip impeller ensuring that fibrous foreign matter is cut up, and sewage is transferred without clogging.

UT/UTZ Series UT/UTZ Series

The UT pump is a compact economical cast iron pump, which has a large passage that makes it ideal for liquid containing various solids. 

B Series B Series

Our B Series non-clog pumps are used primarily in municipal water supply stations and sewage treatment plants for pumping water, sewage, and digested sludge. In industry, these pumps are efficient for controlling cooling water, process and wastewater, and abrasive materials.

U Series U Series

Tsurumi's U-Series pumps provide exceptional capabilities for those small to mid-range applications in which solids and stringy materials can be problematic.