2023 Craft Brewers Conference: Tsurumi Pump is the solution to brewery’s wastewater problems


  • Tsurumi will highlight at the show its wide range of products designed to handle the pre-treatment of wastewater — these include aerators, mixers and agitators.
  • The company will also provide information on a variety of additional equipment, such as fine bar screens and corrosion-resistant pumps such as the VANCS Series.
  • The 2023 Craft Brewers Conference and BrewExpo America will take place May 7-10 in Nashville, Tenn. Tsurumi will occupy booth #458.


At the Tsurumi booth, show attendees will learn how to best pre-treat wastewater with the complete line of process equipment designed for small plant wastewater inflows, ideal for craft brewing operations.

Breweries typically create around three gallons of wastewater for every gallon of beer produced. As facilities face stricter regulations on the amount of wastewater discharged into municipal wastewater plants, Tsurumi’s process equipment makes a significant impact on helping brewers develop efficient and cost-effective wastewater management plans.

“Our products have proven to efficiently treat wastewater in smaller craft breweries on both a national and global scale,” said Glenn Wieczorek, managing director of Tsurumi America. “Tsurumi process equipment is known for its quality build and reliability. Our team will be available at the stand to answer questions and help connect beer brewers with our local distributors and provide the right products for their facility.”


At Tsurumi’s booth, the following live products will be on display:

  • VANCS Series Sewage and Wastewater, Corrosion-Resistant Pump
  • VANCS Aerator
  • HS2.4S Portable Manual Trash Pump


Built to last

Tsurumi’s credibility and pump reliability is established across multiple industries and stems from its high standard of engineering.  High-quality components such as silicon-carbide mechanical seals and high-chrome impellers are found in many of Tsurumi's products, making them suitable for numerous jobs — from breweries to wineries and other beverage bottling facilities.

The company is dedicated to parts availability and ready to satisfy demands with its inventory levels.  High levels of investment have gone into its logistical capabilities to ensure customers have the equipment they need whenever and wherever.

“Our team is excited to be back at the Craft Brewers Conference this year to talk products and connect with brewers from all over the U.S. and the globe,” Wieczorek said. “Tsurumi plays an important role in supporting wastewater treatment operations, big and small. Our attention to manufacturing detail and dedication to parts inventory are just two aspects that we’re very proud of.”

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