ACCESSORY: Surface Level Switch SLS-LSC

Model # TWSPS20

The Surface Level Switch is used to automate a utility/floor sucking pump. Set the Surface Level Switch on the floor and plug the power cord from the pump into the piggyback plug on the switch. Plug the piggyback plug into a standard 120 VAC wall outlet (the unit will also work on GFI outlets).

When water touches the “On Probe”, the pump will turn on. A 10-second delay timer keeps the pump running when water is no longer touching the “Off Probes”. The time delay feature also prevents rapid pump cycling if the water has ripple or wave action. The switch is filled with epoxy so it can be completely submerged in water and operate properly.

The switch is designed to turn on at 0.375” (⅜) liquid level and turn off at 0.125” (⅛). Leveling screws are provided and are optionally used for leveling or to slightly adjust the on and off liquid level set points. The Surface Level Switch uses an isolated patented circuit that detects water with no shock hazard at the probes. This product is for use with the Tsurumi LSC1.4S pump (cannot be used with the LSR series).


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