MQ Series pumps: versatility and flexibility through customization

February 6, 2024 10:00 AM


Tsurumi Pump’s MQ Series stands as an exceptionally engineered product designed to meet a diverse range of project bid specifications. Hydraulic options within the MQ Series cover a wide spectrum of conditions, offering impellers in numerous trims to pinpoint operating duty points. It features five distinct impeller styles: open channel, chopper, vortex, grinder and high head. The MQ Series offers extensive customization options, making it a versatile solution for various applications.

The customizable features in each MQ pump style include motor size, discharge flange type, construction materials, paint and coating, condition monitoring sensors, cable length and installation accessories. Additionally, pumps are available in wet or dry styles depending on application. This flexibility ensures that the pumps can be precisely tailored to meet the unique requirements of any project.

Standard construction materials for the MQ Series include cast iron motor housing and wet end, dual silicon carbide mechanical seals, and Viton elastomers. For more demanding applications, Tsurumi offers alternative materials, such as stainless steel pump housings and impellers, as well as bronze impellers for corrosion-prone environments. The Molib-techTM coating option provides an extra layer of protection against abrasives without compromising pump clearances and performance.

Installation options for the MQ Series cater to the varied needs of the wastewater industry. Dry pit applications benefit from a closed-loop cooling system, circulating a glycol-water mix around the motor through a stainless steel double jacket. This system keeps cooling fluid separate from pumped fluid.  Additionally, dry pit pumps can be installed in both vertical and horizontal orientations. Wet pit configurations come with guide rail systems for new installations, guide rail adapters for existing setups, and free-standing base assemblies for flexible installations.

The MQ Series is equipped with standard condition sensors, including bi-metal thermal overload switches and dual moisture probe. Additional monitoring sensors, such as RTDs, bearing vibration monitoring and moisture probes, communicate with the pump’s control panel for comprehensive condition monitoring and early issue detection. Tsurumi goes a step further by offering custom control panel solutions, positioning itself as a single provider for the entire pump system.

Tsurumi’s MQ Series pumps deliver exceptional customization options and allow for superior performance across a broad spectrum of applications in the wastewater industry. With a commitment to innovation and versatility, these pumps stand as a reliable choice for diverse project requirements.

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