Tsurumi mining dewatering pumps deliver increasingly user-friendly designs

June 21, 2023 11:00 AM

  • Whether slimline and portable, or larger cast iron designs approaching a couple of tons in weight, Tsurumi models are available to meet every underground need.
  • The renowned durability and reliability of Tsurumi pumps gain increasing importance in mining applications, where safety is paramount.


Tsurumi Pump offers a variety of electric submersible dewatering solutions for mining with impressive capacities and convenient package sizes. For many underground applications that use dewatering pumps, unexpected downtime is an inconvenience and added expense at best, and a serious safety hazard at worst. That is the reason well-designed, durable pumps are essential in these demanding environments.


“By installing our pumps, the mining industry is effectively trusting us with their employees’ safety every day — and we don’t take that responsibility lightly,” said Patrick Donahue, engineer at Tsurumi. “That’s why we produce the toughest, most resilient pumps on the market — whether they’re light enough to be handled by one person or require the use of heavy machinery.”

The KTZ Series, for instance, reaches head pressure over 160 feet with flow rate over 600 gpm. With each pump offering the capability of being quickly converted between high-head and high-volume performance with a simple change of impeller and wear plate, however, versatility is greatly increased.

Their high-chrome impellers ensure reliable operation in the most demanding conditions, such as handling highly abrasive solids up to 0.787 inches in diameter. Dual high-pressure silicon carbide mechanical seals are isolated in the oil chamber to protect the seal faces from abrasion and corrosion.

Available in 2 hp, 3 hp and 5 hp outputs, with flow capacities up to 400 gpm, the slimline KTZE models offer built-in automatic operation via an integrally mounted electrode probe that senses changing water levels. Unnecessary dry run is avoided, saving energy and reducing wear without the need for auto control panels and cumbersome float assemblies.


KRS Series – for high-transfer requirements

For mines with even-greater dewatering requirements, Tsurumi’s KRS Series of high-volume, extra-durable pumps is an ideal solution. The series has a wide range of sizes to meet any application. On the smaller end (3 hp – 30 hp) the pumps’ capacity can reach over 1,600 gpm and head pressures up to 113 ft; the larger KRS pumps (30 hp – 50 hp) reach over 4,000 gpm with head pressures up to 58 feet.

Handling maximum solids diameters up to nearly 2 inches, the KRS Series relies on a range of anti-wear measures to extend service life. These pumps operate at lower speeds to reduce the wear damage abrasive solids have on components. Utilizing 4-pole (1,800 rpm) and 6-pole (1,200 rpm) motors, the KRS wear components are extended two fold. Additionally, the motor is protected by dual mechanical seals with silicon carbide faces with a lip seal preventing abrasives from contacting the seal faces.


KTV Series – the lightweight option

Constructed of aluminum, the KTV Series offers a high-performance dewatering pump that is also lightweight. Ideal for job sites not easily accessible or tight work spaces.

Still, long life and low maintenance remain assured, thanks to dual silicon carbide mechanical seals, an oil lifter, and internal thermal motor protection. The urethane-lined, abrasion-resistant semi-vortex impeller allows for up to 0.334-inch diameter solids passage.

Available in 1 hp – 5 hp models, the KTVE offers built-in automatic operation via an integrally mounted electrode probe. The probe senses changing water levels and saves energy by preventing unnecessary dry runs.


NK Series – slim and tough

The 2 hp – 3 hp NK Series of heavy-duty, high-head pumps covers a similar transfer capacity range to the KTV(E) models. Although they are single-phase units, these pumps also deliver durability equivalent to those three-phase pumps, as their use of some of the toughest construction materials enables the handling of abrasive substances with minimal wear.

With none of the three models exceeding 10 inches in diameter, or weighing over 90 lbs, the slim NK design allows these portable pumps to be placed in extremely confined spaces, with a maximum submersion depth of over 80 feet. This economy of space has been achieved using a top-discharge arrangement, while a side-flow channel provides efficient motor cooling — even when pumping a small amount of water or when operating with its motor exposed to air.


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