Tsurumi Process Equipment - Unveiling the Excellence Behind Built for Work

October 18, 2023 11:00 AM



  • By Tony Misiak, process equipment sales manager at Tsurumi America; Mehrzad Emanuel, process equipment senior advisor at Tsurumi America.

Tsurumi Pump has earned a reputation for producing reliable products that are job-site-ready — made with high-quality materials and exceptional engineering. The company has been a trusted supplier of innovative and dependable dewatering solutions for the mining and construction sectors for many years. However, Tsurumi’s expertise is not limited to these industries. The company designs and manufactures a large range of wastewater process equipment that further underscores its dedication to quality and practicality.

In fact, in recent years Tsurumi has invested in expanding its portfolio of pumps and process equipment aimed at the wastewater process market. At WEFTEC 2023, the company had a tremendous display of its proficiency in every step of the wastewater treatment process. It introduced a new explosion-proof, FM-approved pump and mixer series. Additionally, Tsurumi showcased its aerator and chopper pumps in on-site water tanks. Show attendees were impressed with the remarkable functionality and performance of the products.

When people see Tsurumi equipment, they immediately understand it’s constructed from well-built and feature-balanced materials—our motto “Built for Work” reflects this. Our products are made to perform, and they do. We are not in the business of selling parts; we’re about reliability and long-lasting equipment that effectively solves our customers’ challenges, day after day.

Tsurumi’s wastewater process equipment range includes aerators, decanters, mixers, skimmers, bar screens, dehydrators and more. Our process equipment is renowned for its robustness and dependability because, like our pumps, it is intentionally built to last. One example is our submersible aerator mixer: it really stands apart from others because it is triple-sealed, featuring an industry-leading double mechanical seal and an air dynamic seal.

The secret is in the engineering and manufacturing — and we are proud to reveal it.

Niche market

Process equipment has been in our toolbox for quite some time. And we’re working to expand awareness of the benefits they bring to the wastewater process sector. Tsurumi’s process equipment is perfectly suited to smaller wastewater operations, such as those in hotels, industrial kitchens, RV parks, campsites, decentralized municipal plants, craft breweries, and many other applications.

Our dehydrators are also a unique and innovative product. The dehydrators are compactly built, quiet and ideal for many different applications including industrial, wastewater, construction, and remediation. Not to mention they consume minimal water and power due to their efficient design. Tsurumi’s dehydrators allow for adding and injecting two different types of polymers, which enables operators to enhance the separation and removal of solids from wastewater. In addition to engineering capabilities, our company has the expertise to help customers select crucial polymers and coagulants for efficient outcomes. This enables our dehydrators to be utilized as a cost-effective waste/sludge minimizing step and post clarifiers for a wide array of projects. These include tunneling, commercial construction dewatering and groundwater remediation.

Top-of-the-line engineering and product performance wouldn’t bring us to where we are without our people. Tsurumi is highly regarded by its customers because it supports its products with knowledgeable professionals and exceptional customer service. Our engineers, sales managers and technicians are easily accessible, and customers know they can pick up the phone and speak directly to one of our product or sales specialists. That person-to-person interaction is a rare thing in today’s world. Promoting Tsurumi is both easy and rewarding because of our premier product offerings and skilled people who are always eager to help.


For more information on Tsurumi’s range of wastewater process equipment, visit www.tsurumipump.com/store/wastewater-process/.

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