Tsurumi Pump highlights solutions suitable for small wastewater systems at NYRWA conference

May 14, 2024 10:00 AM

Tsurumi offers a range of products specifically designed to address challenges and boost efficiency of rural water systems.

At this year’s show, the company will display a series of recent additions to Tsurumi’s AVANT® line of FM approved products.

Tsurumi Pump will reaffirm its commitment to serving the unique needs of water and wastewater systems at this year’s NYRWA 45th Annual Technical Training Workshop and Exhibition, which will be held from May 20 to 22 in Verona, New York. The company will occupy booth #75 at the Turning Stone Resort & Conference Center.

Small-scale water and wastewater systems present distinctive challenges, demanding solutions that prioritize accessibility, efficiency, and durability. Tsurumi is proud to offer a range of products specifically designed to address these challenges and enhance the operational efficiency of rural water systems.

“Accessible products are at the heart of Tsurumi’s offerings. With readily available inventory and personalized customer service from knowledgeable experts, we ensure small municipalities get the equipment they need when they need it,” said Chris Bristol, municipal product sales manager at Tsurumi. “Our commitment to accessibility extends to Tsurumi’s FM certified, explosion-proof MQ Series, providing customized solutions to each system’s unique requirements.”

Within the AVANT line of FM approved products, the MY and MQ series of pumps can be found. The MQ series is an engineered product built to specification to satisfy the unique challenges faced by lift stations. Additionally, the MY series of pumps is an in-inventory option that includes the MYCZ submersible chopper pump. The MYCZ chopper pump is a multi-channel open impeller solution that is suitable for liquids containing large-sized solids. Tsurumi is determined to offer quality products with a diverse range of options

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Sewage and Wastewater Solutions

Tsurumi’s sewage and wastewater solutions are comprised of three segments:
  • AVANT FM approved pumps and mixers product line
  • Process Equipment
  • Other non-FM approved Tsurumi pumps
As described above, the AVANT line includes the MQ and MY Series, but it also includes the FM approved MMR series of mixers. The AVANT MQ and MMR series include premium-efficiency IE3 motors. This means overall efficiency and energy-savings improved over standard pump offerings. With greater efficiency in both the hydraulics and motor designs, Tsurumi can help improve operations costs over the pump’s life cycle.
Tsurumi’s process equipment is effective not only in stabilizing processing and increasing treatment speeds but also in reducing costs and conserving energy. Processing equipment includes mixers, aerators, bar screens, scum skimmers, and dehydrators.
Additional Tsurumi sewage and wastewater pumps feature non-clog submersibles, high-head options, and various impeller types. The widely favored C Series cutter pump is offered with and without a guiderail for additional versatility.

Expert guidance

Municipalities interested in learning more about Tsurumi’s solutions can expect expert support and guidance from both the sales and engineering teams. Tsurumi’s staff is skilled with the knowledge to educate current and prospective customers on the company’s products’ features and benefits. Providing training to an external audience will give municipalities the knowledge necessary to make informed decisions and optimize their water and wastewater systems.
Visitors to the Tsurumi booth at the NYRWA conference will discover a display of the AVANT product line, featuring the MQ and MY Series, alongside sewage and wastewater experts Chris Bristol and John Hartz. Targeting city engineers and operators, Tsurumi aims to provide valuable insights and solutions to enhance the efficiency and sustainability of rural water systems.
For more information about Tsurumi Pump and its tailored solutions for small water and wastewater systems, click here.
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