Tsurumi Pump introduces wastewater AVANT MY and MMR series at WEFTEC 2023

September 27, 2023 11:00 AM



  • Tsurumi will feature a complete range of pumps and process equipment aimed at the needs of the wastewater market.
  • The AVANTTM MY Series will be displayed and introduced to the public for the first time at the event, along with other equipment in live-action tanks.
  • Information will be available on Tsurumi’s efficient and compact stainless steel multi-disc dehydrators.


Tsurumi Pump is gearing up for a major display of its latest pumps, technologies and services at WEFTEC from October 1-4, 2023, at McCormick Place in Chicago. The company will showcase several of its latest pumps and process equipment at booth #8100. At this year’s WEFTEC Tsurumi will highlight its wide range of wastewater solutions that cover monitoring, parts, available inventory, and more.

Tsurumi will display its newest line of wastewater submersible pumps, the AVANT™ MY Series to the public for the first time. These pumps are built to the same standards under the Tsurumi AVANTTM line of explosion-proof, FM-approved submersible pumps. These durable pumps feature multiple impeller options and have an accessible price point.

“The MY Series is more of an on-the-shelf option and is designed for industrial and smaller municipal applications,” said Chris Bristol, municipal product sales manager at Tsurumi. “It’s an economic option for smaller manufacturing and municipal wastewater facilities. Our pumps are known to be very reliable and last for many years, but it’s good to know that on-the-shelf availability means quicker turnaround times for customers.”

Along with the MY Series, Tsurumi will introduce new FM-approved MMR Series submersible mixers, which feature built-in IE3 premium efficiency motors. Submersible mixers are the most practical and efficient solution for mixing, agitating, homogenizing and equalizing wastewater at treatment facilities. They are used in aerobic as well as anaerobic and anoxic stages of wastewater treatment processes to prevent sedimentation and maintain constant concentration levels in the tanks.

Tsurumi’s AVANT TM MQ series is now joined by the newly released MY and MMR series of products to offer even more solutions to the wastewater market needs. The MQ Series has proven performance and reliability with energy savings resulting from Tsurumi’s IE3 premium efficiency

motors. Tsurumi’s AVANT TM product line brings effective solutions to meet the most demanding applications.

“By introducing new technologies, products and services, we’re excited to deliver the innovations that our customers need and have been asking for,” Bristol added.

One-stop shop

Glenn Wieczorek, Tsurumi’s managing director, said WEFTEC 2023 is happening at an exciting time for Tsurumi and for the water sector in general.

“WEFTEC presents a tremendous opportunity to demonstrate the work that Tsurumi has been doing to position itself as a comprehensive provider of pumping and treatment solutions to fully support and boost our customers’ bottom lines,” Wieczorek said. “We’re looking forward to showcasing our expertise not only in water pumping and transfer but also in wastewater treatment. Tsurumi provides solutions in a full range of wastewater treatment applications including municipalities and manufacturing.”

While better known in the construction and mining sectors, Tsurumi also provides a diverse range of pumps and process equipment aimed at the wastewater market. The company has strived to maintain its reputation for offering accessible product inventory and parts availability, and it monitors market conditions to anticipate needs throughout the country.

“On top of that, we pride ourselves in having top-notch, person-to-person customer support from our engineering and sales teams right here in Chicago and across the country,” Wieczorek added.

Process equipment

Tsurumi will further display its proficiency in every step of the wastewater treatment process at WEFTEC with extensive information and live demos of its wide range of process equipment. The company has been a long-term solutions provider in the market, and offers aerators, decanters, skimmers, bar screens and more. Another highlight at Tsurumi’s booth will be information on its multi-disc, screw press dehydrators, which use resin and stainless-steel discs and are compact and efficient.

“Our process equipment has a reputation for durability and reliability because, like our pumps, they are ‘Built for Work.’ We will have a working display tank to demonstrate our powerful TRN aerator in action.” Bristol added. “Process equipment has been in our toolbox for quite some time. Our dehydrators, for example, are a unique and innovative product that not many companies offer. We’re working to expand awareness of the benefits of our dehydrators in the wastewater sector.”

Tsurumi’s products on display at WEFTEC will include:

  • AVANTTM: MY, MQ, MMR series
  • C-Series Cutter Pump
  • KM/KW series Bar Screens
  • TRN Series Aerator
  • FSP Series Scum Skimmer
  • FHP Series Decanting Pump

For more information on Tsurumi’s range of water pumping and treatment products, visit www.tsurumipump.com.

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