Tsurumi Pump welcomes Ashleigh Johnson as new product training manager

June 18, 2024 09:56 AM


Johnson brings a distinctive set of skills and expertise to her new position at Tsurumi. She is passionate about pumps and enjoys sharing her knowledge and educating others about them.

Tsurumi Pump is excited to introduce Ashleigh Johnson as the company’s new product training manager. This innovative position is designed to advance pump education and training for staff, dealers and end-users.

With a robust background in mechanical engineering and hands-on experience in the pump industry, Johnson is positioned to bring fresh energy, innovative concepts and a profound understanding of the engineering and sales aspects of the pump business. She is particularly excited about the collaborative environment at Tsurumi.

“I’m thrilled about the opportunity to collaborate with various departments — the friendly culture at Tsurumi is a plus for me, as I feel like I can develop close relationships with my colleagues and Tsurumi partners,” she said. “I’m also encouraged by the independence this role offers. I see it as a blank canvas where I can craft and refine training programs, drawing inputs from diverse teams and customizing them to meet the needs of Tsurumi’s customers and distributors.”


Hands-on, interactive approach to training

Johnson brings a distinctive blend of skills and expertise to Tsurumi. Her passion lies in pumps, and she enjoys sharing her knowledge with others. She envisions a hands-on and interactive training program that incorporates games, competitions, demonstrations, and deconstruction activities to engage her audiences.

“My style ensures the material remains approachable, encourages questions and fosters interaction,” Johnson said. “One of the sessions will include a technician-focused course with hands-on training. I believe that people are more likely to remember and understand something if they get to physically do it themselves.”

She plans to implement three training sessions throughout the year — scheduled for spring, summer and fall — catering to different experience levels and specific market needs.


Comprehensive expertise

Johnson holds a degree in mechanical engineering with a minor in mathematics, and she brings four years of experience in the pump industry to her new role. Her professional background has afforded her a thorough comprehension of the inner workings of a pump business and the associated industry expectations as well.

“In my previous role, I was a product specialist, providing technical sales support and working on developing projects to reduce costs and improve designs. I encountered the common questions and issues that pump users face daily. I love to interact with people, and when it comes to training, I feel confident in engaging directly with customers,” Johnson added.

Chuck Rickman, VP of Sales at Tsurumi, said:

“As we continue to grow, fully supporting our customers is paramount. Training and education are a critical part of the process. Ashleigh’s education and experience give us the opportunity to expand our training program. Building on our continued success, she will help us increase our frequency and types of courses.”

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