Tsurumi to showcase tunneling expertise at Rapid Excavation & Tunneling Conference 2023

June 6, 2023 11:00 AM


The company will display three popular pumps used for tunneling and excavation: the LB-800, KTD22.0 and KRS2-150, known for their dependability among contractors.


Tsurumi Pump will share its proficiency in the growing tunneling industry at the 2023 Rapid Excavation & Tunneling Conference (RETC) in Boston from June 11 – 14. The company will occupy booth #822 at the Sheraton Boston Hotel.


Glenn Wieczorek, Tsurumi’s managing director, said this year's RETC will give Tsurumi a tremendous opportunity to demonstrate how the quality and durability of its pumps can support contractors in successfully handling excavation projects.


“As urban areas run out of room to create new infrastructure above ground, there’s a growing need for reliable tunneling equipment,” Wieczorek said. “The rising instances of flooding and pollution only compound this problem. Often, the best option is to go below the surface. We’re confident visitors to our booth at RETC will see the reputation that we’ve built for tackling such tough and essential work.”


Agitator pumps


Tsurumi’s booth at RETC will feature some of its most widely used agitator pumps for tunneling and excavation: the KTD22.0 and KRS2-150. These pumps excel at moving abrasive and solids-laden water, a function crucial to excavation.

“Our KTD22.0 and KRS2-150 pumps fit the tunneling and excavation market quite well,” explained Slater Blanchard, Tsurumi’s Southwest sales manager. “These pumps have an integral agitator that enables them to move water with small and medium-sized suspended solids.”


Blanchard added that it will be both his and Tsurumi’s Northeast sales manager, Bryan Nelson, first time attending the show. “We look forward to meeting all current and prospective customers at such an exciting event for the industry!”


For more information on Tsurumi’s product lines for tunneling and excavation, click here.

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