Tsurumis powerful BK pumps support line pipe testing for major manufacturer

October 25, 2023 11:00 AM



  • Tsurumi’s readily available and reliable pumps have gained the confidence of a line pipe manufacturer over the last three years.
  • These pumps play a crucial role in the company’s quality process, quickly pumping hundreds of gallons of water into the pipes to test for imperfections.


Tsurumi pumps are well-known amongst the construction, mining and wastewater markets, but play a crucial role in countless other applications as well. One such application is the hydro testing of welded line pipes by a manufacturer in Little Rock, Arkansas.

Tsurumi’s BK Series pumps have performed flawlessly to support strict quality assurance process since first arriving at the line pipe manufacturer’s facility in the spring of 2020. Each workday, many pipes are tested and filled with water in minutes by a range of pumps including the BK series.

Three years ago, the Little Rock facility needed a new pump, and fast. Tsurumi's Southeast sales manager Kevin Boicken presented a readily available 30-hp BK unit to the company at that time, and they decided to test it out.

“We installed a 150BK422 unit for the customer and it worked out quite well. Basically, the pump quickly fills the pipes so they can evaluate if each segment is conforming with quality standards,” Boicken explained. “While the BK is a pump typically intended for wastewater, it pumps clean water efficiently, too!”

Currently three BK pumps in total, representing half of the pumps in a wet well the manufacturer has at its Arkansas facility are fully functional. The pumps have performed flawlessly and without issue since installation. These were supplied by Tsurumi’s local distributor Tencarva.

Hydro testing is typically performed in line pipes that are 36 inches in diameter and 75 feet long. Pipes of alternate diameters and sizes are also manufactured at the facility, crafted according to customers’ requirements.

“Once a customer gets their hands on one of our pumps, they quickly understand it’s a dependable product. It’s all about reliability,” Boicken said.

The BK Series comprises pumps with power ranging from 30 hp to 50 hp. The pumps come with a built-in internal cooling jacket that allows them to function efficiently, even at low water levels without overheating. Although they are primarily used for pumping clean water in this case, they are also designed to handle water containing solids without clogging.


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