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The proud owner of a Tsurumi LB-480A submersible pump uses it to manage water levels at his family’s farm in Alabama, among many other tasks. The pump’s size and efficiency make it an ideal choice for draining ponds and providing emergency fresh water to maintain oxygen levels during hot summers at the fishery.


In the heart of Sumiton, Alabama, Steve Washington has relied on a Tsurumi LB-480A submersible pump for over 15 years, handling various responsibilities at his family’s 70-acre fishery, Washington Catfish. During his visit to the WEFTEC 2023 conference in Chicago, he made sure to visit Tsurumi Pump’s booth to express his appreciation for the pump’s durability and versatility.

Washington Catfish specifically hatches blue channel catfish and sells them to customers who stock their ponds to grow fresh, farm-raised catfish. Washington explained that even in his farm’s current low-production phase, his Tsurumi pump plays a crucial role in the property’s operation and maintenance.

“I purchased the Tsurumi pump back in 2007. Over the years, we have used it for everything from moving water in and out of ponds to running a beautiful water fountain on the property,” he said. “After almost 16 years, the pump is still operating as intended, day after day.”


Living on a family-owned farm, Washington values products that stand the test of time and can be easily maintained. He recounts an incident two years ago when his pump’s impeller started showing signs of wear. After reaching out to Tsurumi’s customer service team, Washington was promptly assisted and provided with a replacement impeller for a seamless experience.

“It was fairly straightforward to replace the impeller myself,” Washington said. “At our property, we strive to maintain and fix things ourselves as much as possible. We can’t always afford to hire someone for every little job, so I was really pleased that I could replace the impeller on my own.”

Washington’s LB-480A submersible pump has become an integral part of daily operations at Washington Catfish. He highlights its ease of use and versatility.

“I got tired of having to disconnect a farm implement and connect a power takeoff pump to the tractor to move water. So, I sought to buy a portable pump. I did my research and saw that Tsurumi's product had been around for quite some time and had great reviews, so I decided to buy it.”

The pump’s size and efficiency make it an ideal choice for draining ponds and providing emergency fresh water to maintain oxygen levels during hot summers at the fishery. For over a decade and a half, the pump has been submerged more often than not, a testament to its durability.

“I've seen very little corrosion. You can tell it’s very well-made,” he said.


Built for work — and fun

The pump’s dependability extends beyond the realm of work, serving as a source of entertainment for Washington’s and the neighbor’s kids. For many summers, the kids have had a ton of fun simply with a large tarp, soap and a lot of water. Washington uses his LB-480A to draw water from the lake and pump it on the tarp.

“All three of my kids have played in that pump, and lots of neighbors’ kids as well. They always have a blast!” he shared.

Washington’s Tsurumi pump also adds an aesthetic touch, operating as a water fountain in one of the lakes on his property. His pump allows water to propel 23 feet into the air, creating a beautiful display. Additionally, the pump’s efficient motor reduces energy consumption making for a cost-effective fountain solution.

From draining ponds to entertaining children and operating as a water fountain, Washington’s Tsurumi LB-480A pump has proven to be a valuable asset for his fishery over the years. It is a product that Washington trusts and recommends wholeheartedly.

For more information on Tsurumi’s range of portable submersible pumps, visit the company’s website.

*Note: Tsurumi does not recommend our pumps be used when there are people in the same water*



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