Newly developed Tsurumi wastewater process equipment are effective not ony in stabilizing processing and increasing treatment speeds but also in reducing costs and conserving energy.

Tsurumi Process Equipment Lineup Catalog (1.1MB)

Process Equipment


BER Series

Submersible ejector pump designed for vertical stirring convection to provide pre-areation and mixing of wastewater. Municipal, industrial and agricultural applications.


FHP Series

Decanting Pump
Sludge surface monitoring mechanism
ensures that only the supernatant
water is discharged


FSP Series

Scum Skimmers
Efficiently removes floating oils
and grease solids


KE/KS KW/KM Series

Power bar screens designed for removal of solids in pre-treatment process of wastewater. 


JD Series

Multi-Disc Dehydrator
Breakthrough multi-disc dehydrator
that consists of both resin and stainless
steel discs and is free from clogging


MD / MDC Series

Multi-Disc Screw Press Dehydrator
Wide product line-up with treating
capacity in a rage of 6 to 475 lbsDS/h


MR Series

Submersible Mixers
Compact design for easy handling
For mixing, stirring, dissolving,
density equalization and aeration


TRN Series

Submersible aerator
designed to provide oxygen transfer and stirring action for treatment of wastewater in municipal, industrial and agricultural applications. 1-54HP units available in three phase / 230-460V.

Control Panels

Control Panels for Wastewater Process Features


  • Dewatering - Direct across the line starting - Automatic series control panels are heavy duty, UL listed control panels used for dewatering applications
  • Multi voltage will operate a 208, 230 and 460 VAC pumps.
  • Heavy duty padlockable fiberglass enclosure
  • Heavy duty pump, power, float water tight cable connectors - quick installation
  • Labeled field wiring terminal blocks that match the labels on the float switches
  • UL 508 listed for the USA and Canada
  • Laminated electrical schematic
  • Thermal cutout circuits
  • Seal Fail indicator - On applicable models
  • Automatic Panels includes: 2-50' mechanical float switches