Parts and Accessories

To locate CURRENT PUMP MODEL parts and accessory items for your Tsurumi Pump, just click on the pump part number. Click HERE for PREVIOUS versions of pump MODEL parts lists (for limited models only)

Sump Pumps Water Feature Pumps Electric Submersible Pumps Engine Powered Pumps Generators
50UT2.4S 2OM LB-480-62 TE2-25H TPG4-3000HDX
50UT2.75S 2PU LB-480A-62 TE3-50HA TPG4-4500HDX
50UTZ2.4S 3PN LB-800-62 TE3-80HA TPG4-6000HDX
50UTZ2.75S 4PN LB-800A-62 TE2-100HA TPG4-7000HDX
  8PN LB-1500-60 TE5-50RX TPG4-7000HDXE
  12PN HS2.4S-62 TE5-80RX  
  4HF HS3.75S-62 TE2-50RDB  
    HSZ2.4S-62 TE2-80RDB  
    HSZ3.75S-62 THP-4070HA  
    HSD2.55S-63 EPT2-80RDB  
    HSE2.4S EPT2-100RDB  
    LSR2.4S-61 EPT3-50HA  
    LSC1.4S-61 EPT3-80HA  
    NK2-15 EPT3-100HA  
    NK3-22 EPT3-50RX  
    NK3-22L EPT3-80RX  
    NK4-22 EPT3-100RX2