Tsurumi brings smart solutions for wastewater management at Craft Brewers 2024

April 9, 2024 10:00 AM


Tsurumi returns to the show this year to showcase its wide array of wastewater pumps and process equipment, catered specifically to the needs of breweries. Highlights will include the HS Series solids extraction pump and VANCS Series submersible pumps and aerator mixers, which handle wastewater, sewage, corrosive, industrial and commercial sump pump applications.

Tsurumi Pump will share its cutting-edge wastewater equipment and industry expertise at this year’s Craft Brewers Conference in Las Vegas from April 21–24. A team of experts will be at booth #1421, offering insights into Tsurumi’s latest pumps and process equipment tailored for brewery needs.

Attendees will learn more about Tsurumi’s VANCS Series, a high achiever delivering solutions across many applications, notably wastewater treatment. The HS2.4S submersible pump will also be on display as the smallest of the company’s solids extraction pumps.

Tsurumi’s wastewater products support beer brewers in various ways, ensuring proficiency and quality in beer production.

"Efficient brewery operations rely on the smooth coordination of both front- and back-end processes for overall effectiveness. The days of dumping into the sewer are over; Tsurumi’s pump and process equipment covers all wastewater needs and is a necessary part of brewers’ waste discharge compliance,” said Tony Misiak, process equipment manager at Tsurumi.

Misiak further emphasizes that Tsurumi’s equipment is designed to handle several types of jobs, including conveyance, aeration, mixing, decanting, skimming, thickening and screening. Just select the right type of equipment for the application.

“Breweries need reliable pumps for harsh environments to transport wastewater, and our VANCS models are excellent for this,” Misiak said. “Our aerators are ideal for aerating and mixing tanks, whether for partial or full treatment. The MR, BER and TRN aerator-mixers are great for mixing products for onsite wastewater treatment in brewery spaces. Our screening (KW) and dewatering (MDQ) dehydrators are also designed for solids separation and water reuse recovery. The list goes on!”

Additionally, Tsurumi’s products allow brewers to achieve wastewater management goals, especially when sustainable operations are paramount. This is particularly important as brewery facilities face increasingly stringent regulations regarding the quantity and quality of wastewater discharged into municipal wastewater plants.


Tsurumi will have the following products on live display at its booth:

  • VANCS Series Submersible Pump
  • TRN VANCS Self-Aspirating Aerator-Mixer
  • HS2.4S Submersible Pump
  • Literature for all Tsurumi process equipment products, including Screening and Screw Presses

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Built to treat

Tsurumi’s leading VANCS submersible pump series has a proven track record of offering long lifecycles in continuously harsh environments. The VANCS pump is corrosion-resistant and lightweight, equipped with industry-leading pump sealing and motor protection.

The TRN VANCS self-aspirating aerator-mixer is another corrosion-resistant, compact submersible pump with a patented, triple-sealed motor. It radially discharges fine air bubble water mixtures at high thrusts, providing ideal toroidal-type mixing in cylindrical-type tanks.

Finally, the smallest of the solid extraction pumps, the HS Series submersible pump, incorporates an agitator ahead of the impeller, fluidizing solids and extracting high solids content from tanks.

“We’re really looking forward to returning to Craft Brewers this year. It’s a great opportunity to connect with brewery professionals and present our extensive product portfolio that serves this industry,” said Glenn Wieczorek, managing director at Tsurumi. “Our experts will help customers assess if their water is being treated properly and responsibly!”

Tsurumi will also host a giveaway and raffle for two days of the show. Team members will distribute Tsurumi branded flip-flops to booth visitors and be on the lookout for attendees proudly sporting their new gear. Those spotted wearing the flip-flops will have the chance to win a $50 gift card!


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