Tsurumi Pump wins Top Project award in industrial sector from Water and Wastes Digest


Tsurumi Pump was presented the award for Top Project in the industrial sector from Water and Wastes Digest at a ceremony during this year’s WEFTEC conference. The recognition stems from the work that Tsurumi Pump and its distributor, Herc Rentals Pro Solutions, performed on the Cherry Dam project in the Yosemite Valley, California. Representatives from Tsurumi Pump and Pat LaZansky, senior sales representative at Herc Rentals, were on hand to accept the award. 

“We are honored to be recognized as a Top Project in Water and Wastes Digest’s industrial sector,” said Glenn Wieczorek, managing director of Tsurumi Pump. “We’re proud of all the hard work that went into finding an environmentally-friendly solution for the reconstruction, especially the effort put in by Pat LaZansky from Herc Rentals.” 

The contractor for the reconstruction was having trouble finding a pump solution capable of performing the head pressure needed to move water 300 ft vertically up and over the dam to the stream on the other side so that the necessary repairs could be made. Other pump companies told the contractor that it was only possible with diesel engine-driven end suction style pumps, which could not be used due to the environmental risk associated with a possible fuel or oil spill. That’s when LaZansky found the solution with two 150-horsepower electric submersible pumps from Tsurumi Pump. 

“It means a lot for us and everyone involved with the project to be recognized for our hard work,” LaZansky said. “It’s a testament to teamwork and hard work. We’re glad that the Tsurumi Pump was the right solution for the job and performed well.” 

Water and Wastes Digest’s Top Projects are awarded to projects showcasing incredible work in the past 18 months. These water and wastewater jobs focus on sustainability aspects, coordination with multiple agencies, overcoming unforeseen challenges and are completed on time and within the prescribed budget. 

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