Tsurumi's new explosion-proof sewage pumps. IE3 Premium Efficiency Motor.




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Not only am I seeing a return on my investment, I’m also seeing less downtime, less headaches, less maintenance, and has probably helped me recover more gold because it’s such a steady flow of water.

Freddy DodgeGold Rush

As a contractor, the number one thing for me is to have items in stock. Tsurumi has done a phenomenal job of getting that material out, having things available, having the engineering team working alongside of us to help choose the right pump in stock. That’s worth its weight in gold.

Ed BeaulieuAquascape, Inc.

We really look at Tsurumi as a solutions provider. 

Frank McQuilkenAMES, Inc.

One of the great things about Tsurumi is the centrally located distribution in the country, and high volume of stocked pumps, gives us the ability to quickly deliver a pumping system to a customer.

Frank McQuilkenAMES, Inc.

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September 9, 2022

Tsurumi America appoints Elsa Bueno as new marketing manager

Elsa Bueno has joined Tsurumi America as the new marketing manager for North America.

August 3, 2022

Tsurumi America appoints Michelle Ciric as new operations manager

Tsurumi Pump announced Michelle Ciric as its new operations manager for North America.

May 2, 2022

Beer, food, chemicals or sewage - Tsurumi process equipment offers the flexibility to improve any small-scale wastewater treatment plant operation

Regardless of its source, wastewater undergoes a surprisingly similar treatment process before it is released into the environment. Tsurumi process equipment — comprising bar screens, submersible mixers, aerators, scum skimmers and decanting pumps — is designed to economically, efficiently and durably handle it all.

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